Monthly Archives: January 2013

A few words about archives…

As promised, here is my attempt at describing archives and archivists consistent with the Up Goer Five rules. It proved relatively straightforward, although not being able to use “record” did mean that I had to think more about how to define what it is that archives keep.  Before anyone else says it, yes I know […]

Get onboard Up Goer Five

Sometimes social media can seriously dent your faith in fellow humans – jeez, there have been more than enough examples in recent weeks, and I’m not going to rehearse them again here.  But then something happens to remind you that it can be a fantastic tool for spreading ideas, building on them collectively and creating […]

That Difficult Third Post

There are several other things I should be doing this evening, but I’m at the stage where I want to try to make regular contributions to this blog a habit.  I’ve just had my spirit steeled by this infuriating but unarguable jeremiad), so I’m bashing this out quickly before moving on to clearing up the flat. […]

Half-remembered phrases

A small addendum to yesterday’s first post, on the subject of the title. The phrase “And so we wave farewell to xxxxx, land of contrasts” is lodged in my brain as a memory from, I think, childhood but I don’t know where it comes from.  To me it is redolent of bright technicolor films giving […]